Selling on Branaverse Last update 4 months ago

Welcome to BRANAVERSE! We're excited to have you as a seller on our platform. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to start selling and accepting payments with crypto and Brana tokens:

  1. Register as a seller: Visit our registration page and sign up as a seller. You'll be asked to provide basic information about yourself and your business.
  2. Create your profile: Once you've registered, it's time to create your seller profile. Make sure to include all relevant information, such as your skills, experience, and portfolio. This will help potential clients find and hire you.
  3. Post your services: After creating your profile, you can start posting your services. Be specific about what you offer, and set your prices accordingly.
  4. Accept crypto and Brana tokens: BRANAVERSE offers a variety of payment options, including crypto and Brana tokens. Make sure to enable these payment methods in your account settings.
  5. Communicate with clients: Once you start getting orders, communicate with your clients to ensure that you fully understand their requirements. This will help you deliver high-quality work that meets their expectations.
  6. Deliver your work: Once you've completed the work, deliver it to your client through our platform. They'll have the opportunity to review it and request revisions if necessary.
  7. Get paid: After your work has been approved, you'll receive payment in the form of crypto or Brana tokens. You can then withdraw your earnings to your wallet or exchange them for other currencies.

At BRANAVERSE, we're committed to providing a safe and secure platform for freelancers and clients to connect and do business. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team. We're here to help you succeed!